VELCRO® Brand Sew-On Tapes - Navy



* Fabric tape for sewing, alterations, and repairs. Add hems and embellishments to clothes, curtains, and other fabric items without ironing or gluing.

Perfect for hemming curtains or binding carpets, this hook and loop sewing tape is durable and made to last through repeated use.

* Use it to attach reflective strips to clothes, repair down jackets, or as hem tape, seam tape, or fabric repair tape. Its versatility makes it ideal for countless alterations and repairs.

Easily machine or hand sew hook and loop fasteners onto fabrics. Ensure the hook side faces away from the body and stitch along the edges, backstitching for extra strength.

* This fabric tape is designed to withstand laundering. Close the hook and loop system before washing and use cold or warm water (avoid hot water).

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