VELCRO® Brand products in the Classroom

VELCRO® Brand products are a versatile and handy material that can be used in various ways in the classroom. Here are some ideas to demonstrate its uses, we would love it if you would like to share your own tips and ideas too! Email us and we will share the best ideas to our facebook page!

DIY Bookmarks

Attach VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins  to the ends of bookmarks and create interchangeable decorations or labels that students can switch out depending on their preferences.

Daily Schedule

Create a visual daily schedule using VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins . Attach time slots or activity cards with VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins to a board or strip of VELCRO® Brand Adhesive tape, allowing for easy adjustment or rearrangement as needed.

Word Wall

Create a word wall using VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins. Attach words to a bulletin board with one side of the VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins, and have the corresponding VELCRO® Brand Adhesive Coins on the back of laminated cards with pictures or definitions. This allows students to interact with the word wall by matching words to their meanings or pictures.

Organise Supplies

Use VELCRO® Brand products to keep classroom supplies organized. Attach VELCRO® Brand adhesive backed fastners to the back of containers or pouches and to the surfaces where you store supplies, ensuring that everything has its place. Or use  VELCRO® Brand onewrap tape to secure bundles and keep your storage tidy.

Spelling and Vocab Games

Create a spelling or vocabulary word station where students can use Velcro to match words with their correct definitions or synonyms. This adds a tactile and interactive element to language learning.

Classroom Jobs Board

Establish a classroom jobs board with VELCRO® Brand Adhesive coins or strips. Attach students' names to different job descriptions or tasks, allowing for a rotation of responsibilities.

DIY Puzzles

Make custom puzzles by attaching VELCRO® Brand Adhesive coins to the back of puzzle pieces. Students can then arrange the pieces on a board to complete the puzzle, reinforcing concepts or topics being studied.

Weather Station

Design a weather station using VELCRO® Brand Adhesive coins. Attach weather symbols or conditions to a board, and let students update the display each day based on the current weather.